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Kids Summer Party Ideas in Dubai

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

If the weather recently is anything to go by, then I think we can safely say Dubai's summer has arrived. With its arrival, we also start (at least for certain times of the day) saying farewell to those glorious outside gatherings and celebrations. It's no surprise therefore, parents struggle to find innovative ways to host their little ones birthdays and just generally keep them entertained.

This is where sleepovers are the ideal party option, especially for those Dubai summers! Take a look at our top reasons for planning a sleepover party for your summer celebrations.

1. The Guest List: You can host as many guests as you like for sleepover parties, or at least as many as you are brave enough to take on. However, during the summer holiday's children generally find that many friends often travel and so you might not end up with such an extensive guest list as you usually would. Sleepovers are a great party format for small numbers, and provide a meaningful opportunity to strengthen relationships and bond with just their closest friends.

2. The Venue: No need to run around Dubai in the heat looking for potential indoor venues. With companies like Kids Party Palace, you can have the party setup in the comfort of your own home thus saving time and money!

3. Time: Typically parties are held for around 2-3 hours and then just as the kids are getting into the swing of things it ends. Sleepovers are great for filling the copious amounts of free time kids have with a prolonged party experience. Start the party in the afternoon and let it continue into the next day. There are numerous activities you can host such as pillow decorating, t-shirt designing, karaoke and movies to name just a few.

4. Finally, sleepovers are simply great fun! We don't think any another reason is needed.

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