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Our sleepover packages provide for an amazing experience on their own, but if you want to make it extra special, here are some added services and activities offered by Kids Party Palace and our trusted service providers.  Find out more about these additional options below or contact us for more information.

Sleepover Hair Don't Care - Party Ties

Great as party favors or simply as a fun added extra. 

Sleep Masks

Perfect for a peaceful nights sleep!

Sleepover T-Shirts

Cute matching t-shirts for you and your besties!  Perfect reminder of your sleepover celebrations.

Candy Carts

Why not avail our traditional hand crafted candy cart?  Kids will love feasting on their favorite sweets with friends.     

Donut Walls

Rent our unique custom built donut wall for your party.  Creates an instant wow factor!

Night Nanny

If it's your child's first sleepover, why not hire our night nanny for your peace of mind.


Why not have fun matching PJ's or t-shirts for you and your party guests.  These also act as a great party favor!

Pallet Table Setup

Affordable yet stunning table set-up option.  Styled to match the magical charm of your sleepover theme.

Spa Services

Pamper your guests with cute mini spa treatments.  Have fun making homemade face masks whilst dressed in matching robes!

Dessert Table Setup

Let us style a beautiful table to impress your guests and showcase your delicious desserts.

Party Bags

Tailored party bags to match your sleepover theme.

Photography Packages

Capture all your special moments for your child to treasure forever.  


Let us take cake of the cake.  We can arrange all your dessert table treats to match your party theme

Hot Chocolate Bar

The ultimate signature sleepover drink with a fully stocked bar of chocolate spoons, marshmallows and all your favorite toppings.

Breakfast Buffet

Impress your guests with a stunning morning feast before they leave.  Alternatively opt for our cute breakfast boxes for guests to enjoy on their tent tables


Magician, clowns and all round fun entertainers can create fun memories filled with laughter.

Movie Experience

Get that big screen experience for your midnight movie.

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